Data on Sports Articles for the Past Year

You knew it was coming. I am as most of you know,  still the founder of SwarmSports and Viralrank. That data set is growing daily.

What I really need is someone to bounce ideas off of, as there are some cool things you can do with a data set that is constantly growing. It’s not sexy data, but nevertheless, it’s over 1/2 a million records of data. Yes, that is how much data I currently have on sports articles that I built the RSS tosser/aggregation program that runs on auto pilot. It does break every now and again, due to my web hosting service cPanel making a change (the last two times it broke this year).

What can I do with that data? Have fun with stupid little queries like – how many times has Fresno State had an article in a sports online article site where it was also talking in regards to #CollegeFootball. Since ~May of 2013, that number is 52 stories. The latest one published in May of 2014.  What was created by all the data stored can be kinda of cool in an avant-garde kind of way. It’s not totally sexy by any means, but data only recently became sexy as we have larger and larger data sets to toy with.

Look at how Facebook recently just played psychological mind games with their huge data pool they get to have. I’m sure the data scientist times have a literal orgasm every day they go into work there to mess with people’s heads. It must be fun. It has to be, as really it’s not illegal, we all signed away our data rights many years ago to the people that run that data and picture gold mine. It’s an advertisers paradise for sure.

Yes, the above SwarmSports quer was kind of a boring little query, but there I’m sure I can think of another query for this data set I have, that would be actually useful. If not by me directly, I’d love to have some ideas tossed this way, either in the comments or privately via email or LinkedIn. I’m pretty easy to find.

Like I’ve stated already, there is very little I’m doing with SwarmSports and ViralRank these days. Just using them as the big data sets (SwarmSports) they are and trying to figure out if they are worth continuing to run.  I’m sure with some input by others, I could think of a way to make the data I already have and come up with some cool infographics or something useful for people that like sports.

I’ve even gone as far as reaching out to the bigger social ranking services out there about ViralRank and maybe doing something with them, I didn’t even get a courtesy reply from the guy. I was basically ignored, and probably rightfully so.

ViralRank was a good concept that was born due to the need of solving a problem.  It solved an initial problem that myself and my former co-founder had when creating SwarmSports.  In fact if you ever do a search where the data set pulls back less than 10 records on SwarmSports, you’ll see the ViralRank in action all over again.  It is too bad that it’s basically not what people wanted, but it still works.

This leads us all to a decision that anyone in startups has to make. How long do you run a service? Do you simply shutter it when it’s done, or do you let it run until you are pulling 0 page views every day? What makes it worthwhile to keep running vs moving on.

Maybe that is the question that I need to answer. I guess I need to find something else that replaces the startup addiction, or find a startup/found a new startup that meets the needs of that startup cocaine. So far, I’ve done neither, so I keep sipping a hit off the crack pipe called SwarmSports and ViralRank.

Be sure to put this blog in your RSS reader. I’ll keep up the small chit chat as long as I can think of something to say. Some days it makes sense, and other days it’s a rehash of the day before. But it’s my blog and I’ll start filling it with content once again. The newsletter? Coming soon, just sign up!

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