Netsuite Sucks : I’m not the only one

Well it appears I’m not the only one to think this. Even people that worked there think it sucks.

– They cut corners at every turn (only B&W printers, no food/snacks, keep crappy computers for 3 years, no whiteboards, 1 party a year, little to no happy hours / lunches)
– The staff is old, keeps to themselves and is not willing to help others.
– Everyone is married and with kids so no one wants to go out after work
– The one picnic I went to was basically a children’s playplace rather than an adult work party
– People are boring and are really hard to get excited about anything
– Not many people go out to lunch
– Far from any reasonable transportation from SF (CalTrain to Shuttle)
– Decor is dull and dreary
– Perfectly fine with saying “No we don’t do that” to customers instead of working with them for a common goal.
– No personal help or development towards your goals

Technically Speaking, I’m not the only one that thinks this … even though mine comes from end user and developer point of view!

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