Traditional Job Market or Startup Entrepreneur

That’s a question or thought that many of you that are reading have pondered. Which one do you want to do, and which one will you do. That really depends upon the person. There are many people who would make great entrepreneur’s but don’t have the kahunas on them to give it a go. They even have all the material resources to do such a leap, but they have no faith in themselves.

Why is that? That is due to the insecurities that they have built up over time. This may have been brought on by a nontraditional nuclear family, or even no real role models at all. Contrarily it can also be due to a very solid nuclear family where the father went to work, played ball with the kids, and the mother stayed at home, did laundry, cooked, and cleaned. It can be the fact that this was actually a way for the person to deny their inner call of being an entrepreneur.

While many startup entrepreneur’s come from a varied background, the better ones are those that have had a traditional job, in the traditional job market. The ones that go from kindegarten to MBA just seem to be missing something. That is the work ethic and knowledge of being in a traditional job market. I’m sure you are all laughing by now and saying, “Look at Mark Zuckerberg.

That is probably the worst thing you could say to me. Mark Zuckerberg is a one in a million example. For every Mark Zuckerberg wanna be out there, I guarantee there will be 100′s of thousands of failures. Not that it’s bad to fail as I’ve already written a few blog posts ago, the entrepreneur that wants to be him is one that isn’t seeing the clear advantages of being a startup entrepreneur.

One of the main advantages is that you are the boss. You are solving the problem that you feel will benefit the world. Mainly, you are doing it your way and hats off to you for pursing the right path.

The right path. There is no right or wrong path. In fact there are many people, the majority of people, who will never venture down the entrepreneurial pathways. That’s fine. There needs to be both. A traditional job market that is the backbone of society, but there also needs to be a strong innovation based startup marketplace. Without that, our world as a whole will suffer.

Can you imagine a world without tablets, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Macbooks, and the list goes on and on. If there was nothing but a traditional job market, none of the above would have ever happen.

It’s quite a limb to climb out on to be that startup entrepreneur. You end up sacrificing personal time, friends you use to have, girlfriends or boyfriends, and even social down time where you can read, listen to music, drink a few beers, etc.. The startup life grabs you by those kahunas that you put on the line. It will take you down a path of pleasure and pain.

At the end of the day, you have to decide if you want to work forever in the traditional job market, where you can be downsized or have your job eliminated entirely. Ask any auto worker how the assembly line has been changed over the years to become all robots. I’m sure that is a great traditional job market to do your research. Ask any person that has been downsized due to a merger of gigantic companies where the only people that benefited were at the top.

The startup market however isn’t some Facebook fantasy where everyone ends up a billionaire. Those are far and few between. The percentages and the factors of that actually happening are highly against you. If in the perfect startup world, everyone ended up f’u rich, then there would be something majorly broken in this world. In fact, you’ll probably be scrapping by for a few wins, a few posts on TechCrunch, VentureBeat, HackerNews, etc… And you’ll be putting them up against the major losses or failures. Failed code pushes. Failed customer acquisition (know that one quite well!). Failed pivots (another one I know well!). The list goes on what probably will happen.

If you are going for the billionaire mode, you’d be better off building a solid 401(k), learning about how to invest wisely in the markets, and playing the lottery as much as possible. The startup entrepreneur path is not a lottery, or fast track to making a lot of money.  The few that do will tell you that. The ones that haven’t will tell you it’s a job and one they love because they don’t have someone telling them how to solve the problem. They only have people wanting them to solve that problem.

Figure it out. Do you want to solve that nagging problem with a solution, or would you rather continually punch that clock and collect that paycheck?

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