Keeping focused on that New Project

Yes, I have actually registered a new domain and started on a new project or product. The idea is a pretty simple one that involves startup promotion. The concept is simple enough, but I’m trying to stay focused on keeping it simple and to the point.

That is probably the hardest part of building any new product. You come up with that single point of focus, but then you start to already add feature requests mentally. Right now the project is not anywhere close to being released to the world at this time. In fact, if you went to the domain, all that is there is the framework software.

What I have done in the past few days of pushing out the old SwarmSports has kept me occupied. That coupled with adding a feature that I omitted from the original re-release of that project. After some testing today, I think (I hope!) that will now just run without much interaction.

I guess at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter much, but I’m quite particular about my projects going all janky even if the project has no traction. It doesn’t matter to me about the last fact. I guess it’s more like pride in the product that is associated to my reputation. Doesn’t matter if no one uses the product but myself and maybe a few other people, I still have that product attached to my credentials. That makes me particular about it working correctly.

Now I hope that I can finally let that old project run and remain focused on this new project. There are a lot of places that do this, and hopefully my spin on the self promotion startup task will become more fun with my product. Once I have more information and have a MVP ready to release, I’ll let you all know. I’m usually pretty decent at spreading the word on anything I’m super involved in or proud of.

Until that time, I’ll probably be blogging less again just to get this product to MVP. Don’t take that as a promise. You never know, I could be blogging daily again if I need an outlet to tell everyone how it’s going on the new product.

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