Does Apple, Inc. Deceive?

Here is a very interesting perspective on how Steve Jobs could possibly be one of the biggest smoke and mirrors person of the times we live in. Sylvia Paull was a developer who worked on helping to provide a level of deception that would make wag the dog look like the way to do business.

Is it possible that the iPhone is just another trick in the bag of Steve Jobs tricks? Could it be all look here, because we really have not done anything innovative? We are going to try to sell the public an inferior product with no 3G capabilities. We are going to charge you for an extremely over priced ($599) iPod and market it as a phone. We are going to just tell you how great it is, and show you pictures of fish on it for the released product view. We are also going to tell you that it has no productivity apps on it, and just woo you with the cool iTunes capabilities.

NeXT had a ton of hype when Steve Jobs was at the helm. Apple, Inc. has the same ton of hype since he was returned to his throne. An interesting question to ask yourself is – Is Steve really the emperor without clothes on? Is he really just a mastermind of deception?

Maybe this won’t win over any Mac enthusiasts hearts and minds, but that is not the point. The point is to point out that we have all been here before, and we have all fell for the same tricks over and over again. Another question to ask yourselves – If Mac is really truly dominate, how come they can’t seem to win over everyone? Are they truly just a niche machine that really has no merit besides the people who fell for the Steve magic show?

This probably won’t have Apple, Inc. shipping Rex Dixon a Macbook Pro anytime soon for free of course. It probably will put me on the blacklist for any Apple, Inc. convention. The thing though is that telling another point of view is more compelling to me then receiving free Macbook Pro’s from Apple, Inc.. Not saying if Apple, Inc. called me up and said to me “Hey Rex, we saw what you said and we’d like to give you a Macbook Pro for free… ” – would I turn it down.

Technically Speaking, I may have my convictions, beliefs, and my opinion, but I also have a realistic sense about me too. Free is for ME!

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