Hot or Not should be a modern day American success story

hotornotlogo.pngHot or Not was smoking back in 2001 when I first ran across them. It was the fun “in” site that some of my co-workers had heard of. I just finished reading about the history of the site, as told by TechCrunch.

These are the types of stories that make you believe in dreams of the post dot bomb. I had honestly lost track of the site a while ago. It is nice to see them revamp and upgrade their business model. Along with offering the service up for free, they have increased their user base once again. The above TC article will no doubt help also.

Many people have never heard of the site. Remember, there are those that blog exclusively on MySpace as I said last night. What many of the tech types that read this blog as well as TC forget all the time (and I’m guilty of it also!), is that everyone isn’t in the “know“. A good majority of Americans have absolutely no clue of what a blog even is.

I know that is hard to believe, but I know people personally that still don’t “get it“. People that have never heard of the blogosphere. I also know some that think blogging is an absolute waste of time. People that could have used blogging to enhance their offline business like others in the same industry have.

Technically Speaking, I may be preaching to the choir half the time, but I’m glad to have found this little overview article today. Many people never heard of Hot or Not until this very minute. Seriously.

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