Lifecasting gone wild…

It is something that always kicks off with someone that nobody knows. took what was already available technology wise and ran with a wild and crazy idea. Now Hollywood wants a piece of the action, and looks like Natalie Portman is about to step up to the plate.

Is she ready to be live and world wide 24/7? Or will she only do this until a better offer comes along? I am thinking the later. Justin had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Natalie has everything to lose and nothing to gain by going lifecasting. Lifecasting should be left to the amateur pro’s. The professional actor’s and actresses need not step into a realm they may not be prepared to handle.

It is one thing to be live and world wide at the movies. It’s quite the other extreme to be not beautiful every waking moment of the day. This is lifecasting, and will Natalie crumble under the pressure? Sure, many are saying I’m not giving her half a chance, but to be honest, I’d rather watch someone like Justin rise to the top.

That makes more compelling programming. Well it’s not programming, it’s lifecasting. It’s watching Justin go from someone with an idea, to making his dream come true. Watching him go through the moments of 15 seconds of fame. Natalie has already reached that pinnacle. She has already reached the top of her game.

Is this really a sad way for Hollywood to revive the mystique it once held over all of us? I think that may be closer to the truth. I hope she can hang with the big dogs, because once she enters the lifecasting dome, it’s survive or be eaten alive.

So I get a bit dramatic there. How about a Rex Dixon lifecast? That would be boring as it stands.

How about sending Rex on a trip across America? Rex Dixon lifecasting live from the Chicago Sears tower. Rex Dixon live in Allen Stern’s living room, from NYC. Rex Dixon checking out Mount Rushmore. On the road across America with Rex Dixon, coming live and world wide this summer to a more interesting life cast near you!

Technically Speaking, that would be way cool.

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