Jajah rocks the house with $20 million from Intel….

jajah_logo_thumbnail.gifI won’t call it VoIP 2.0, but Jajah is now starting to pick up steam with today’s earlier announcement of $20 million in series C funding. The startup that could. I remember back when I first talked about Jajah, people were saying at the time they were just another “startup” in a group of VoIP like startups.

Well now Intel is thinking differently, and it appears Jajah has now gained more traction then ever originally thought. When Mike Arrington likes a company such as the supposed “dime a dozen” VoIP providers that many have called Jajah, then it must be really good. Day in and day out you hear how VoIP is going to take over. They have been talking about it for years now.

Skype seemed like a really good system, but with every good system there has to be something better. It’s never too late to innovate and make something good just a bit better. Without innovation and progress forward, it would still be internet 1.0.

The main significance of today’s earlier deal with Intel is now Jajah has access to the leveraging power that is still Intel. That should give them very positive momentum as the company to beat. I like what I see in Jajah, and even though I don’t make many overseas calls, it is good to know that your only option is not just Skype.

Technically Speaking, competition is great, and Jajah has raised that bar even higher.

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