psssttt… wanna make some serious ca$h.. $2.5 billion???

That is what is being put out there this evening. Between the years of 2007 and 2011, there will be a 180% increase in advertising dollars. Those dollars will be applied to the social network universe.

It is the magic number. I don’t believe it is a magic number, I think it is $2.5 billion possible. I can see the trend analysis that advertising dollars are currently showing. If you want to get in on something big, the time is now. Well the time was like 2 years ago actually, but there is still room.

There are many social networks out there as you well know. In fact it’s really not a case anymore of asking “are you on a social network?”, it’s more like “which one are you on?” For the most part, if you are not on a social network even as a casual observer, you are missing out on the internet today as a whole.

This is what the advertisers and big money are counting on. You will be on some social network, and that one ad will entice you to see just a little bit more. I’m not saying that people are stupid, and click every ad that pops up. Honestly, that annoying dating ad that pops up on MySpace, even yours truly Rex here has clicked just to see if it was any better than I have seen before. Ok, so yeah, I really believed that video chatting would be all hot babes all the time.

Seriously, the ad universe is evolving out of necessity as the internet and social networking is dictating to the advertisers on where to spend their money. With more things such as television, the latest casualty of an excuse not to be online moving online, the advertisement industry as a whole can no longer look at social networking with a blind eye.

I don’t believe that they ever did, but it’s more important that dating sites like the one you see on MySpace have their foothold now. Truthfully would you even recognize a good water bottle filter if you hadn’t seen an ad in the first place somewhere? The place where millions go now where there is no DVR ad skipping is online, and more importantly millions are in the social network universe daily.

Without the access to millions upon millions of users, casual or active, ad money would be somewhere else. Everything is pointing to signs that it’s better to start up an Ojeez or Vertagio like today. Better to start one today than to wait until tomorrow. The line is growing just like that lunch line that you have to wait in to get back to your cubicle. The massive amount of money is there, there for the taking for the next person willing to sacrifice his or her sanity to put something together.

I say sanity, as you will get very little sleep and be totally dedicated to getting the social network up and running. Do I jest? Not at all. It’s not a wham, bam, where is my paycheck event. I hope you do realize that. I think that is why there are more failures in social networks then success stories.

For every Facebook, there are 1000 GMAFB‘s. Not that GMAFB is a total failure, you can still join and sign up, and I still have my sanity to some extent. In fact, GMAFB is more of a digg-like site then a social network. It is something that I have not been able to dedicate 1000% to as outlined below. Be sure to take a moment to study those charts below.

Technically Speaking, even though you may think this is the easy money train, just be prepared to put in a lot of hours and work. Below is the graph from eMarketer, where the article based it’s findings.


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