Jambaz, the mystery continues….

jambaz.jpgMany of you are still wondering about the game to the right, or upper right corner, of this blog. It’s called Jambaz, and let me first say, “Real People” really win.

How do I know? I just won the last round (last 2 weeks). Now what is it? Well if the dark blue eye of the Jambaz main site landing page is any indication of what is going on, then you are clueless.

It’s a game that is improving every single time. More users are playing, and there have been several enhancements to the game. One of course is now there is just more then the “cold” or “hot” slider picks. You have actual close prices on the widget. Also, there is now an option to have a reminder e-mailed to you to play your picks. I went looking for that setting, but like Jambaz the game, finding that is a mystery (for the moment!).

So what is it? That is a complete mystery. My contacts at Jambaz tell me only what I need to know. I just know it only takes a few minutes of your time, and you could be in for some really cool prizes or cash money. It definitely is financially related, but it’s not what everyone else has previously written about the game. That is about all that I can reveal. Oh, there is also a help video that can be used in addition to the rules, forum, and strategy tips. Where is that video? More mystery from Jambaz.

Then again, I really only am just a blogger and a player. All I really know is that I won the last game. Can you beat me? Well you can’t if you don’t play. What about all the mystery functions there on Jambaz? Well I think that most of my readers are like clue hunters looking for a prize. That prize is there, but I can’t reveal all the fun. The fun is in the hunt, the hunt for the truth about Jambaz.

Technically Speaking, you can play, or watch other people win. The choice is completely yours. Dig deep if you can, do some investigation into what Jambaz is. Or, just enjoy the game and win prizes. Do you have that competitive spirit? Then spend a few moments each day and play some Jambaz.

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