Jason answers Allen’s questions….

mahalo-logo.JPGNot really. It appears that Jason is dodging the issue that Allen posed in his great post yesterday. Jason is bicycling away like days back in Brooklyn growing up. Allen is not backing down, and he poses some great questions that Jason simply jumps on his bike like days from yesteryear growing up in the old ‘hood. Nice move Jason.

Allen did bring up valid points about Mahalo, and so do others. Why won’t Jason answer the calls? Why did Jason ride away on his bicycle all those summers long ago? It’s because he knows the only answer is exactly what Allen and others are already pointing out. Now I for one will give all new companies a chance. I love innovation, and even the occasional “make money now” scheme.

Technically Speaking, I believe that Jason needs to answer Allen’s pointed questions. I mean, why run Jason? You are no longer on the handball courts back in Brooklyn, just answer the question(s)! Now I have a question Jason – “WTF is Human Optimization?!?”

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