Face The Day, Google slowly still takes over..

Feedburner is the next one to fall. We heard rumors last week, and now it’s a confirmed deal. You may as well dig out the skinceuticals and just bask in your own beauty. Google is going to buy YOU next.

Would it really be such a bad thing for Google to buy your company? I mean, when you started your startup, there were probably dreams of getting really popular. Dreams of everyone latching on to your idea and buying into the concept. Then reality struck a sour note. It costs to be the boss as they say. Bandwidth costs (see YouTube). Those are only a few of the obstacles you can run into. Not only that, but what about employees?

When you first start that little company out of your garage on one server like most online ventures, there really isn’t much to it. You can be the one and only guy. Then as the company grows, you have to hire more people. You hope to be profitable like Facebook, but not all companies are.

Now it comes down to where you have a great idea like Feedburner. You have gained mass audience and acceptance. You can hold out and pretend that you don’t want to sell. You can even state that you are not interested if you so wish.

Then the day comes and Google comes calling (or Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Sun, etc.. etal.). Do you – a) stand firm to your convictions and slam the door in their face, b) tell them – “we do things our way and to call later”, c) invite them inside for some coffee and a chat.

Technically Speaking, Feedburner either did “b” or “c”, and now they are part of the Google; you know, the one that is going to own the internet by 2017.

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