Let’s not get all giddy, this is the Federal Government we are talking about

Even though it appears that the courts have “made the Feds” obtain a warrant to read your e-mail, don’t count on them following the law. If you read my earlier posting about the spying and tapping of your data, we all know this is all smoke and mirrors to make us feel better. It has nothing to do with abiding by the 4th amendment. All this has to do is calming the general uneducated public (sheep) that they can still send e-mail’s to their lovers and that their wife won’t find out! Just kidding!

If this was truly a 4th amendment issue, than most of the Patriot Act would have to be overridden. Most of that violates your 4th amendment rights as it is written. If you truly want to impress me, quit pretending and shoving smoke and mirrors in the press. It doesn’t work for non-sheep, it never has.

Technically Speaking, I guess being a shepherd of the sheep is more important than actually solving real issues and protecting the bill of rights. Spin it how you like, you can bet that if you are doing something illegal the government is not going to be seeking a warrant to read your e-mail!

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