Yahoo analysis

Well the blogosphere is all up in arms, really playing Monday Morning QB about the whole Yahoo shakeup. In fact it’s still the most talked about topic right now. There are tons of other things going on today; remember it is the first day of the work week – Tuesday!

My thoughts? Well Yahoo made the right decision by letting (or having) Terry Semel resign and step aside. I believe it’s time for Yahoo to take the torch and start running again. Jerry Yang and Sue Decker are more than capable of taking the role over. I think this could prove to be an exciting time for Yahoo and the internet as a whole.

We all know that when a major player shakes it up, there will be some serious innovation coming out over the next few months. Not to mention that Google and all the rest will have to step it up a notch. Serious competition is what breeds good innovation.

Technically Speaking, I want to say that I’m quite pleased to see the changes that were made. I believe that Yahoo will once again start trading body shots with Google and everyone else. It’s about time!

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