When all else fails, write something about Facebook

Mark Evans wrote a piece about the 5 things that will kill Facebook. I read through them, and I really don’t see any as an absolute “Facebook killer”. The only one that will really kill FB is #4

The IPO: There’s plenty of speculation Facebook could go public later year – a move that would allow Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to pull some money out of the company without giving up control. Once Facebook becomes a business that needs to meet the lofty expectations of Wall St., it’s about the same time that the fun and all-for-one, all-for-one mentality starts to disappear.

That I believe will be the true Facebook killer. If it enters Wall St., say good bye to the way it runs via King Zuckerberg. That is when things will truly be “killed”.

Technically Speaking, I’d like to see how Facebook looks in 20 years, let alone 40 years. I believe that right now any rumors of a Facebook death is just good fodder for bloggers to write about.

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