Episode 26-Virtualmin, PartnerUp, Loopt, PowerGeeks, iPod Home

* This didn’t make Episode 26, but wanted to thank Allen for covering the Lending Club $5,000 Video Contest *

Episode 26 notes:


Virtualmin is making it easier for web hosting companies to set up and maintain web sites, a process that can be mind-numbingly mundane and tedious.


PartnerUp wants to help entrepreneurs find the people they need to get their concepts off the ground.


Loopt, a Silicon Valley company that lets people interact on their cell-phones as they move around on a map, will now be available on Sprint.


NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Steve Jobs, the father of the iPod, was on Tuesday crowned the undisputed king of the online music revolution by U.S. music magazine Blender, topping a list of the 25 most influential people in Web music.

iPod Home

A patent issued to Apple Inc. this week may breath new life into the firm’s once touted “Home on iPod” feature, which prior to being tabled several years ago promised Mac OS X users the ability to tote their home directories and account information around on their iPods.

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