News Corp-Dow Jones – it’s done, xLingo helps the language impaired

News Corp-Dow Jones – The board at Dow Jones approved the merger. It does look like that not everyone on the board was happy, as two members abstained, and one left early. Now I would have loved to been the fly on the wall in that room. I wonder if there were any F-bombs dropped. Doubtful, as most people in those rooms forget how to get real.

xLingo – For the language impaired such as myself, xLingo could be the ticket to helping me learn a new language. That part of brain isn’t as functional, or I never helped to grow it. When I was a child I was bi-lingual, but trying to acclimate into the America which became my new home when I was young kid, I lost touch or repressed my own culture and language skills. To this day, I can sort of understand the other language, and can slightly speak it. Kristen also covered a few other players.

Technically Speaking, I need to get to real work now. Link Blog. Sounds like it’s time to stock up on a few modern desks.

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