Friendster makes developer program public, launches 180 apps

friendster.pngFriendster, Inc., today launched a directory of over 180 applications, enabling its more than 56 million global users to easily discover, add and use applications on and off the website. These applications, called “widgets” throughout the industry, have been integrated into the Friendster user experience by developers leveraging Friendster’s Developer Program, released as a pilot program on October 25, 2007.

Friendster, is surprisingly the #1 social network in Asia and the third largest branded social network in the world, is among the first major global social networks to launch a developer platform and rich directory of applications for its users within a production environment. Others have announced plans or released documentation but have not launched, while others have a limited number of applications available today for their users.

The Friendster Developer Program is designed to provide developers with several key features/benefits including:

Freedom to Monetize Applications – Developers can monetize their applications using virtually any model for monetization, and no revenue share with Friendster is required.

Open Platform – The Friendster Developer Program includes APIs compatible with those used throughout the industry. Additionally, when the OpenSocial APIs are completed and secure, Friendster will support OpenSocial APIs, allowing OpenSocial applications to be used with Friendster.

Equal Opportunity – Friendster released its developer program documentation, testing environment and schedule in advance to provide equal opportunity for developers around the world to compete for mindshare and adoption by Friendster’s more than 56 million users.

To date, six companies have piloted the Friendster Developer Program in the last several months including Rockyou,, Clearspring, Imeem, Jangl, and Gbox. In the last several weeks, scores of developers have built applications for Friendster including 360 Gadget, Active Worlds, AmnestyWidgets,, BigDates, Chinese Zodiac Horoscope, Chromacoders, ChronusCorp, Clearspring, Cortex Creations, Experience Project, Fliptrack, Frencaze, Frozenbear, Gamedesire, Gbox, Gigya, Gizmoz, Go Tiger, Guidecast, GWN, Honesty Box, ImageChef, Imeem, Immerse, Improsys, Issue Dictionary, Jangl, Job Board, LE Software, Leafletter, Lukup, Mangokiwi, MashedUp, LLC, Meez, Mesmo TV, Minekey, MixerCast, My Foot Map, MyGoForIt, MyMiniLife, MyTripMap, Ngoprek, Onezine, Pickspal, Pivotal Labs, Pollection, Presidio Media, ProTrade, Pyramid Lotto, Qloud, RateMyBody, Refresh Corp, Ribbd, RJ Softwares, RockYou, Shelfari, ShopPay, Simple Star, Sivrin, Skycore, Slide, Sociallyloud, TravelPod, TripAdvisor, Tripod Computing, TrustPlus, TV Loop, Ubelt, Unype, UserPlane, Watercooler, Wedsnap, Where I’ve Been, Wishafriend, Yepb, YOBO, ZDK Interactive and Zerocode.

Within Friendster’s Developer Program, developers are also currently building browser plug-ins, desktop applications, and mobile applications that help Friendster’s 56 million users do a wide variety of activities even when not logged-in and using

Friendster has a growing portfolio of patents granted to the company on social networking, with more expected over the next several months. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Friendster is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures and individual investors. golf shoes

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