My Nuclear Inbox, an experimentation in syndication

Syndication Experimentation, but all systems are normal once again here. I don’t know why I would experiment here, or even over on Embargo Zone. I guess I really didn’t want to open up another blog, but I did. I’d rather just experiment on my already in place WordPress blog I have.

Experimentation almost cost me a number of posts today over on ‘Da Zone, still need to come up with a cool slogan there, but at least RSS saved the day on that snafu!

My Nuclear Inbox – Syndication of all your tech news and even some non-tech news. I truly wonder how much data a full blast of tech news will eventually just bloat this to the point of full with the web host shutting me off? I guess we’ll see soon enough. I would give you a RSS feed for My Nuclear Inbox, but one of the feeds that I’m importing is causing it (the feed) to break. The usual RSS address – sometimes it works, and sometimes it’s blank! Weird. Feed on that RSS URL if you want to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed depending upon if it’s working or blank at the time you read your feed!

Technically Speaking, yeah it’s really just another splog, but it was fun setting one up that has all the cool tech sites in one spot, no different than my Google Reader feeds I read.

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