Historical Tweets: Funny site with promise

historical-tweetsHistorical Tweets is a funny site with promise. Yes, another spin of the wheel called the twitter lottery. One of the more funny things I saw on this site was on the about page actually. Someone had to ask this, and of course they have to be as dense and un-funny as a board:

Q: “Wait, but Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t have have a Twitter account… I don’t get it.”
A: Those who don’t understand Historical Tweets are doomed to repeat them.

Since they allow posting of the pictures, I can only post a few here and let you decide for yourself if you want to go visit this site. I think it’s worth the break from the real twitter grind. Twitter grind. Only when twitter is acting slow like on days like this with DEMO09 in full swing!



Technically Speaking, as long as you don’t pull a teen sex tweet on twitter, or start eating a bag of Aldi chips, or thinking that you can get off that DUI conviction by professing it was all a magic goatI think you’ll be just fine today! Don’t forget (put us in your feed reader!), that siliconANGLE will have more DEMO09 coverage soon!

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