The Average CPM Rates Across Different Verticals

While these are average, I bet most blogs don’t even come close to seeing these CPM rates, and being that this article is from 2009, it’s probably not improved!

Except Food, Entertainment and Real Estate, the CPM rates for display ads have declined across industries in the last three quarters which is quite good news for online advertisers but not so good news for web publishers and bloggers.

For some unknown reason, this Adify Report excludes the Technology sector which also commands high CPM rates (the CPM rates for tech industry were around $15 in Q2 2009).

CPM = cost per thousand ad impressions.

Technically Speaking, only the big blogs can command high rates, and CPM rates are usually only good if you have millions or billions of ad impressions.

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  • Ive heard from agencies that the CPM has dropped for advertisers but I'm thinking it may have also been squeezed for publishers. The other point you raised about the tech industry and also marketing industry niche blogs don't play this game and set very high upto and over $50 CPM rates.

  • This post's really informative. Gave me a lot of insight into the world of cpm. would be great if you could provide similar info for CPM rates for 2010.

  • If I see any new data out there, I'll post it. Thanks for reading.

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  • Ken O
  • Thanks for the find, and make sure you link back to this post and blog if you can.

  • Could have done with a direct link to the report!

  • Bob

    Airpush pays out on a CPM basis and is averaging over $3 CPM’s. Those are push notification ads, though, and not in-app ads.

  • Hi, do you have any info on a good agency for publishers today?  I was checking out one that came well recommended, after signing up, I found CPM rates is only .25 !  Seems awfully low.  Can you suggest anywhere to go?

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