What old problem is still lingering and even…

Manifesting itself as a new old problem? That is what a startup company needs to address. The old problems that are being shoved aside because they are not fun, but still keep coming back as a new old problem. What do I mean?

What's for Dinner! - Spam

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Spam – While we all hate it, you find very few companies heading into battle against it. There are a few, but what investor is really going to put money into a company that is dedicated into fighting it? I see blog posts about people getting sick of spam, such as twitter user spam or fake accounts as noted in that recent blog post by @RizzoTees.

While it’s not the same as the spam websites out there that constantly barrage the inbox with the spam email, it’s all the same, very few companies want to fight it head on. While there are companies like the recent LaterSpam.org which is quite encouraging, one company is not going to be the answer to helping to curb this old issue.

Old issues taking on a life of being a new issue. Sometimes you can be the victim of clicking a bad short url, and even t.co isn’t perfect since it’s a wrapper, not an url shortener service. So you have to be guarded at best to stop this from happening. You should check into these urls to make sure what you are clicking is legit. While that will only help to prevent the issue from occurring, there are many other old becoming new issues that should be addressed.

While spam is probably the #1 issue that has never been resolved completely, there are others. They may be addressed in another post, but this one seems to be done for now.



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