Samsung Captivate i897 upgrade to CyanogenMod 10 M1

Yes, I have the old (~2 years old) phone as shown on the left. One thing to note, this phone unlike the series (Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III) actually has a metal back. That may not matter to many, but some of us like solid hardware.

Now… what I didn’t like was that I was stuck on Android 2.1 Eclair because for some reason the OTA updates never worked for me!

This has been a slow process, as I had to read up on how to do most of this stuff. Now I have a friend of mine that does this like no other, but the only way you learn anything is to do it yourself.

I rooted my phone back in like March, but the got stuck on what to do next. You have to be super careful as if you mess things up, and if you are like me, you only have one phone. While this phone is old, it’s reliable and I hate that the manufacturers of hardware just purposely let the software make the hardware appear to be under performing.

It’s almost as bad as one of the posts I wrote recently about the way the shaving industry has everyone bamboozled into believing plastic blades with springs and 5 of them, are better than single blade that is steel with a heavy handle.

The other week, I was back in St. Louis where the person I know that does this like most people breathe said “Let me see your phone.” He said, “They have jelly bean out for your phone, it should be easy, just 3 button recover mode boot, and you are set, download the ROM, etc.. ” and of course, he wasn’t in any shape to do the upgrade for me. He was deep into like ~9 beers and was getting ready to start a poker game. :)

No worries. I did however have my interest peaked again to finish updating my phone. So, back to researching how to do this, and figured I’d go with something stable, and I went with the stable release CyanogenMod 9.1 (the one for the Samsung Captivate). Long story short, because it did get quite long as I ended up having to find a PC to flash a kernel, I did end up on 9.1 and I was happy. I learned a ton, like flashing a kernel should be done with Odin v1.3’ish and not the new version of Odin which I believe is 4.5’ish. Just use the old version of Odin with a PC – trust me!

The reason of course is that I am on a Mac and for the Mac, it’s called Heimdall. Heimdall didn’t work for me. It left me with a soft bricked phone. That in itself was a scary ~24 hours. I thought I was going to have to just go the store and buy a new phone. Which was the point I was trying to avoid. Not that the Galaxy S III isn’t a nice phone, it is totally a nice phone, I just do not feel like spending $200 on a phone right now, enslave myself for another ~2 years to AT&T and have a perfectly good piece of hardware (my current Captivate) sit in my phone graveyard. Dumb if you ask me.

Anyways, plenty of good articles out there. Here are the links to what you’ll need to get here. Download these on your phone to your SDCard. This is the official blog post on the CyanogenMod blog. This is the Samsung Captivate related forum. Here is a good article on how to.  :

CyanogenMod 10 M1 – this is the first monthly release, like a semi-stable monthly release they intend to start doing before the final stable or any RCS they do.

Google Apps for Jelly Bean – You’ll need this unless you just don’t want Google or the store, or anything worthwhile. Come on now, we all have to have our masters, Google ain’t so bad. :)

Now you can from here do the 3 key thing as long as you have CWM recovery installed. If you don’t have that running yet, you’ll need to get to that stage first. In between installing the CM 10 M1 ROM and the Google Apps ROM (and I actually did it after and it still worked) you should try to install the Devil3 Kernel for Jelly Bean.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to stop after doing the CM 10 M1 ROM and the Google Apps Rom, you totally can just stop. But if you want some performance, you’ll want to install the Devil3 kernel, this makes things much more snappy. With this kernel you can overclock with Devil Kernel Manager.

** WORD OF CAUTION ** don’t get greedy and try to do something stupid and get more than 1.2 ghz out of it! Follow these instructions I found here, it’s even called “Idiot-Proof” – so don’t be like me and ignore that advice. Don’t go over the butter settings this person noted. Idiot-Proof All-in-one Guide to Making your Samsung Captivate Awesome (like mine)

Again – don’t get GREEDY!!! I did, and it cost me like an extra ~1 hr or more to figure out how to get out of the mess I created for myself! You might think that you can bump it just a tad bit more, but you can’t. Trust me. I found out that that tad bit will end you back where you don’t want to be. Restoring, starting over, barely breathing as you wait for the new CyanogenMod 10 start screen to appear.

This is where I ended up. I think it’s pretty cool. For now, as long as the overclocking doesn’t kill my phone, I’m set until the next CyanogenMod Monthly (maybe called M2?) comes out. I could do the nightly releases, but who has time to do this every night? Lucky for me, it was an off night from my wunning.

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  • Jpduga

    Hi, I have a captivate too, with cm9.1 stable, in cm10 M1works everything???? thanks

  •  Yes, it all works fine CM 10 M1 – I’m back on the CyanogenMod kernel, but there are too many reboots/shutdowns, so I’m going back to Devil3 1.4.1 this weekend and maybe won’t overclock to see how that is. I was on 9.1 and I had reboot/shutdowns there too. So who knows, it might just be my phone. :)

  • Jpduga

    It’s necesary the installation of a kernel for jelly bean? or cames with the cm10 m1 rom? thanks

  •  It is JellyBean kernel in CM10 M1. Just having some reboot/shutdown issues, so think I’m going back to running the Devil3 1.4.1 kernel this weekend – also JellyBean

  • Jpduga

    You install JB on captivate, and the kernel included in CM10, have some reboot/shutdown problems, so  you will install another kernel to solve this? I’m correct? Excuse my but English is not my foreign language

  •  Yes, Devil3 kernel is also JB, but it was more stable I think. I have to check to see if the monthly update is out too. Hopefully so, and I can add that new CM10 M version and maybe that will take care of things too.

  • Jpduga

    What doesn´t work in CM10? camera video 720? 3G? sms? call? etc. or works everything? thanks a lot

  • Jpduga

    Sorry, you’ve already answer that!!!!

  • Jpduga

    Hi, excuse me, how is the battery life?  good or poor than CM9? th cm10 m2 is already in the cyanogenmod site, I’ll probably install it

  •  Thanks for letting me know CM10 M2 is out! I have been waiting for that to be released. If I can figure out the random sleep (must OC again with Devil kernel) I think battery life would be decent.

  • Jpduga

    Hi, CM 10 stable is available for our captivates since yesterday, works fine and includes a native file manager.