Samsung Galaxy Note II : Awesome Phone!

People tend to use that word awesome a lot. In this case, if there was a word like super-duper-fantabulously-awesome, it would actually fit. While the main detractors of the Samsung Galaxy Note II state it’s just too big for being a phone, if you can get past the big factor, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that sometimes big is better!

Now I’ve had my Note II since only Friday 11/9/12 when I was told by the AT&T store people the launch date was then, even though Sprint had it a week earlier, and I think T-Mobile had it even before that.

I called to make sure the phone was in stock. They had 4 of them, and so at lunch time, I asked a co-worker to do me a solid and take me to the store. Of course it was lunch time and the AT&T store was packed. I do like that you have to take a number and that it’s visually on a big screen behind the main counter.

About 10 minutes into the wait, I did the usual, “yeah, I’m on an upgrade, yeah, I have an account, no, I don’t want that craptastic new deal, just get me my dang phone please!” I was told they had a white phone, but they didn’t.

The gun metal metallic gray is a good color though, white I guess was something I just wanted to show up the iPhone types.

Now how does it work? Well all I can say is that my first morning of use, I was able to text, check email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. all without my glasses on. Yes, it’s big, and big is good!

The S Pen has been controversial on the first Note, and from reviews I’ve seen you can actually do a lot with it. I haven’t really explored the full capabilities of it, but below are some screenshots of a pic, and then what you can do with it by just clipping it. Not an artist, so I don’t know how much S Pen time I’ll actually use.

So in the below picture here are some S Pen screenshots that I took and kind of an example of clipping a picture. Not very good, but there are a ton of review videos on YouTube – just search for Samsung Galaxy Note II and you’ll see lot’s of good stuff.

I don’t think I’ve found a negative review yet, as everyone seems to be in love with this phone and for very good reason. I kind of think of it like when I got my first iPhone (and that was the 3G version too), and it changed the way I thought about phones. This phone gives me that same feeling. It’s a game changer phone.

Original Panoramic Picture of a mural at The Alibi (a cool dive bar):

Opening Up or Pulling the S Pen out which launches this screen:

Now once you open that up, you can take for example the above picture and cut around it and make a file to share with people if you like. Or so that is what they tell you in all the tutorial and review videos!

Cropping a Picture:

The only issue I’ve found so far is the battery. I think I found the culprit and as usual – it’s a product I hate using and that is Microsoft Exchange!!! It seems to not shut down (stays active all the time!) and burns up my battery something fierce. I may have found a fix on this, but won’t know until later today. That fix seems to be setting your period to sync mail to ~3 days and not automatic or anything like that.

Here is my current home screen, same as my screen on the Samsung Captivate which I talked about in my last post. I still have that, and now it will become a fun little phone that I can keep upgrading as new ROM’s come out for it. Now I have that phone that isn’t dependent on “working”, so the pressure to make it work is not so prevalent anymore.

There is a great video out on YouTube on how to customize the UI.  I started too yesterday, but just went back to the basic home screen for now. It’s not that hard to do, but it is time consuming, so maybe another day off or weekend I’ll do that.

Samsung Galaxy Note II – if you are on an upgrade, and were thinking of iPhone 5 or some other smartphone, take a look at this phone. You will not be disappointed at all the features and will have that, “Wow, BIG is GOOD moment!”



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