Battery Life : Samsung Galaxy Note II

Well as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (see below). One thing I had to isolate on my Note II was the issue of battery drain. Everyone was talking about how great the battery life was in all the reviews and articles that I found online. Mine was not so much. In fact it was very disappointingly terrible. Or as Charles Barkley says “Turrible!”

For some reason, my battery was barely making it ~8 hours. After figuring out the culprit (It was my corporate work email that still uses Microsoft Exchange) I did some googl’ing and found out the “fix” for now. I turned off Push syncing, the battery life drastically improved. Improved to the point where I was trying to kill the battery at ~12:30am’ish this morning!

Did find a pretty cool streaming app called Crackle. The 5.5″ Super AMOLED HD display does make watching videos on it is actually a fun experience. There was one point where I was running Crackle, Netflix, HBO GO and maybe some other app, and bouncing between streams. On WiFi, on 4G LTE, just trying to kill the battery. I streamed like so many episodes on Crackle last night and early this morning, I actually started to like the shows I was watching.

I even was watching videos and trying to figure out more about the S Pen at the same time. All good. The battery held up like a champ, the streams were good on WiFi and 4G LTE, crystal clear on the huge screen. Definitely a nice experience.

Anyways, if you are in the market for a solid new phone, don’t let the detractors tell you otherwise – Samsung Galaxy Note II is very solid!

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  • Elias Afram40

    how to turn off the push syncing???

  • Best bet – get off of Exchange! Use Google Apps, and it works great.