One Day – Seventeen Hours : Samsung Galaxy Note II

UPDATE: 11/17/2012I was able to delete my Microsoft Exchange account last night, and reinstall it with push, and so far (knock on wood), it seems to be stable again, and not just burning battery like kindling wood!

After 1 day, 17 hours, 3 minutes and 13 seconds (according to the graphic below), it was time again to charge my Samsung Galaxy Note II.  This smartphone lives up to everything a smartphone should be. Don’t let the size of it dissuade you from purchasing one. The battery life alone should be a great indicator of how much care the Samsung group put into releasing a quality product.

Once again, I ended up having to stream my way to the end of my battery life late last night. I still was running on nearly ~30% after over ~36 hours of normal use. I did the stream on 4G LTE to speed up the pace in trying to kill the power, and that still took a long time. I ended up watching some old Ah-nald (Arnold Schwarzenegger) flick called The 6th Day. I think I was into a good part of the movie before it was hitting that ~1% you see below.

Personally speaking, I’m quite satisfied with Samsung Galaxy Note II. Don’t let the legions in the peanut gallery who are just there to snicker and leave you with snide remarks or babbling commentary  of “Ooo.. it’s too big!” – “I don’t know if I could take a call on something that big, it would be a like a tablet up to my head!” – etc. etc. etc. stop you from getting what I have already termed, “BIG is actually BETTER!”

Remember the other week when all the sheep were jumping on the iPhone5 release? Remember how they are basically the same  jealous friends who thought the iPhone 5 was the bomb? Well, the iPhone5 fits comfortably inside the screen of this phone. While the iPhone5 looked big a ~few weeks ago, this phone shows what big really is. Not to mention the 1.6 Ghz overclocked quad core processor and 2 GB of ram, it’s pretty much a buttery smooth experience.

Once again – get this phone! People that haven’t walked around with it for nearly a ~week now, are about the only group telling everyone to not get this phone. Why would you not want to get this phone? Ah, yeah – that’s right you probably are in that congregation of people who like small, tiny, microscopic screens, with slide out keyboards in 2012.

I for one like always looking forward. I like progress, and I definitely like seeing screenshots like the one below. If you want a screenshot like this and want a true powerhouse of a smartphone, you’ll be heading up to the phone carrier that you are with and saying, “Give me that Samsung Galaxy Note II, and give it to me now!”



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  • Thomas

    You’re kidding, right?

    A phone that huge should last for days, not something like “almost two days if push sync is disabled”. I get almost two days of normal usage with push enabled on a two year old smartphone. The battery in a Galaxy Note II has more than twice the capacity. It should last at least for three days with push enabled. Ok, I don’t have a quad-core 1.6GHz over-clocked CPU in my mobile phone – why should I? CPU clock has nothing to do with user experience. 

    So please stop telling everyone how great it is. I don’t know the Galaxy Note II – it may be a great device but battery life is (at most) average. 

  •  Hey Thomas,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. While it is still a mystery as to why push / Microsoft Exchange isn’t working properly on the new Note II or could be the version of Jelly Bean that was installed or maybe something else, I’m quite happy with the phone otherwise.

    Glad to hear you are getting 2 days out of your 2 year old Galaxy S II (assume you meant II and not Note II since the Note II just came out on 10/24/12!).

    Do you have some screenshots to share like I did in my posts about my Note II?

    While you may not be impressed with the statistics I shared, if you read some of my earlier posts, you’ll see I came from a over 2 year old Samsung Galaxy S Captivate which is even more ancient in phone years than your Galaxy S II. A phone this big has a huge screen which is most of the battery burn, 5.5″ screen – you can’t go wrong.

    This phone does rock, so while my championing of battery life seemed to set you off to leave a negative comment, all I can say is go check it out or find one of your friends that actually has a Samsung Galaxy Note II (not a Galaxy S II), and see how great of a phone it is.

    Anyways, thanks again for stopping by and actually reading my post! :)

  • Thomas

    Hi RexDixon,

    Sorry… English is not my first language… Actually I don’t own a Samsung device. My smartphone is from this “fruit company” but that’s not the point. As I wrote before, I’m sure the Galaxy Note II is a great device. But IMHO the battery life is quite poor. After your third (or so) post about this topic I had to write a response ;-). I don’t “complain” about anything else as I don’t know this device.
    I think it’s just different interests. I own my device since two years and have absolutely no idea about CPU speed or memory. It just doesn’t matter to me. Actually I don’t even now the tech. specs of my main computer at home. Android brings this “I have more xx than you!” to the mobile world which I think is a bad move. How many perfect good devices are thrown away because a coworker has more CPU cores? New devices arrive every second week or so and every new one has a faster CPU, more cores, more memory, 0.1″ more screen estate, … and people *have* to have the new device. You and I are both people who are not running for the “latest-and-greatest” gadgets but many people are and this is pushed by others writing about how important it is to have a quad-core CPU in the mobile phone.

    I think you get my point ;-)

  •  Hey Thomas,

    Thanks again for stopping by to follow up on your original comment. As you may have noticed, even though I have the Note II as my main phone, I’m still putting my old Samsung Captivate to use. I just upgraded to the latest CyanogenMod CM 10 Stable earlier today as you may have read here:

    Also, I just updated this post here, in case you didn’t see it – it seems like the glitch in MS Exchange is now gone. Things are stable again running that for now.