How Do You Lose Weight Fast

First rule is that there are no rules on losing weight fast. In fact you really can’t lose weight fast without damaging your body and your psyche. While there are several exercises to lose weight, the key is that you must exercise to lose weight. You must also realize that weight loss and nutrition are key to making the changes you desire to have. arms wide open

I’ve been on a weight loss journey of sorts for over a year now. In October of 2011 I was around ~225 lbs. Last January of 2012, I was 212 lbs. Today March the 15th 2013, I’m ~180 lbs. The photo to the right was taken back in February out at Pacifica beach.

While that may seem like no rapid loss, I’m also quite pleased with where I am today. I just joined a new gym, and as always, they offer a free trainer session. I decided to take them up on it. I’ve always been of the mentality that “I know what I’m doing in a gym, and how to work out“, and I know how to lift. I know how to do the standard lifting workout. What I didn’t know was other ideas, and that was why I gave this free training session a try.

In my interview session I told the trainer I wasn’t done yet, and wanted to be ~150-160 lbs like some of those MMA fighters you see. I’m 5’7″ tall, so I figure that would be a good weight for me as a goal weight. Plus those dudes are ripped to the max, and yet are only that weight range.

After telling my trainer that information, he set up my free workout test that was more of what MMA fighters do, which was very little to do with lifting, which is what I tend to do a lot at the gym. The best part was that I was doing everything the trainer wanted and then some. In other words, I’m in much better shape then I figured I would be. Oh, I was sweating like I usually do (which if you know me personally, that isn’t anything new, since I sweat a lot just standing still some times!), but I was able to do things that will help my future workouts.

There are times you get stuck in a rut in your routine. My routine has been a fast 30 minutes of elliptical cardio, then 30 minutes or so of lifting. I will usually work and isolate different body parts. But as many of you know, once your body becomes use to certain things, it adapts and you hit a wall where nothing seems to help you lose weight or gain mass.

I hit that wall a few months ago where I didn’t seem to be losing weight anymore. I was still hitting the gym like 4-5 nights a week, same routine, but then I figured my nutrition was off. Last month or about 6 or 7 weeks ago (not one to track exactly when I did something, obviously!) I started doing a vegan diet. That is working well as I shredded about ~12 lbs over the last ~6 weeks or so. That seems to be working great, but I also think that I might be lacking some protein, or at least I need to start working on making complete protein so I don’t lose the benefits of not eating stuff that is bad for your nutritional intake.

Now I have seen people that do the juice thing. The bad thing with that is that I also see them putting on sugar weight, as I call it, due to them drinking too much juice. Same thing for the people that drink too much whey or creatine. I know most bodybuilders will say I’m full of it, but I seem to notice those people have this pudge or retain too much water. I’ve avoided a lot of that, as I did the supplement thing before, and they just seem to loaded with sugar.

Tonight’s workout though has given me new ideas on exercises I should be doing in the gym to break up my routine more and still receive the most gain out of my time in there. One thing I do try to do is spend only around ~1 hr in the gym per session. There are those that work out like ~2 or 3 hours at a time, but seriously, I am way beyond any type of professional athlete years, and those type of workouts are beyond what I have time for.

For now, I’m quite happy that I’ve gotten myself in better shape then I was back in October of 2011, and I’m glad that I feel motivated to hit the gym. It’s not a drag for me to work out. I am liking the results I see, and hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to take off my shirt in public and not worry about the big flab hanging about. That in itself is one of the hardest things to rid on anyone. It can be done though.

First for real post I’ve done here in a long, long time. Hopefully my 6 or so loyal readers enjoyed reading it.

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  • Lola Leroy

    Well in my opinion losing weight is a very tough job and many people have to suffer lot while losing weight.Its like a challenge.
    mobi ritz