How Easy is it to Not Be Online

The more I have been chilling lately, the less inclined I am to crack open my laptop. I mean, I have nearly the same power in my pocket in this Samsung Galaxy Note II as I do in my MacBook Pro. Ok, that is stretching it some, but seriously, I can imagewrite a blog post from my phone, pretty easily.

Today I actually just opened up my laptop for the first time in over a day and half. I have been able to do everything from this phone. I only opened it up today as I needed to reset my password so I could use this mobile version of WP to start blogging from wherever.

No idea why I resisted this long to do this. I usually come up with post ideas away from the computer. In fact there are probably more great posts that I never wrote because by the time I thought to open up my laptop and start typing, the inspiration to “write a blog post”, that may hand been witty or insightful was long gone.

Looks like inserting pictures is pretty easy. The picture in this post is what I had for lunch today, which I posted to my instagram account earlier.

I’ll leave that as my final thought from my first mobile post. I guess zemanta and tagging isn’t available until you login via a computer, but other than that, this is pretty easy to do. Makes for at least writing some drafts if not full on posts you do right from your smartphone.

I like!

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