Get Up and Answer the Bell

For those of you that have wondered about whether or not breakfast is important, this is a picture of what I’m


eating today. Yes, this is another blog post that is brought to you by the WordPress mobile app for Android.

Some of you swear that some coffee or a Redbull is all you need. I thought that for many years. The real winners in life that truly get up and function each day are the ones that realized years ago that caffeine is only an adrenalin boost and no substitute for some food!!

While many of you reading this can barely function without that first cup of joe, there are other people who are already about to plan their lunch. They probably also had a productive morning.

Those people got up, answered the bell today. How about you? Did you get your slacking ass out of your bed, eat some breakfast and get up to answer the bell?

Just so you know I’m being real, I did eat


that bowl of oatmeal, flax, and fruit while writing this post.

Just about finished with breakfast. I’ll leave ya with this thought for now:

Eat well, exercise, and kick some ass today!!!!

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