Have You Had Some Kombucha Today

GT’s Kombucha is what I’ve been


drinking daily. It’s not cheap, but it’s great for you. Just wondering how many of you are drinking some later today? Or even now as you read this blog post?


One thing I never realized was how you could actually drink/eat chia seeds. Chia seeds along with the superfood spirulina are suppose to be fantastic for you. Both are rarely talked about in mainstream media which is obnoxiously controlled by the pharmaceutical  lobbyists.

The lobbyists would rather have you believe that their voodoo magic chemical madness will fix you. The truth is, medical science hasn’t even found the cure for the common cold!!! Yet, they continue to prey on you with cold drugs, which is all fake, because if they cured the common cold it would kill their profit margin. They are nothing more than a mask for your common cold issue, which they haven’t cured. And won’t. I don’t have numbers but I bet the over the counter cold drug biz is a big billion dollar a year hustle.

This next question/statement may be sensitive to those that have lost someone to this money making disease (my mom passed in 1997 from it, so I’m with ya) called cancer.

Think they really are going to cure cancer? See the above statements. Common cold, not cured. Big OTC drug and doctor visit money maker.

Cancer, HUGE money maker. Basically, you are only fooling yourself if you think that the voodoo they pass off as medical science is going to fix any disease that is lining the pockets of big pharma? Negative. Not going to happen. Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.

Where would companies like Express Scripts be if it wasn’t for big pharma? They certainly wouldn’t have a gigantic prescription filling campus without the profits that pile up. If it wasn’t for the big money involved in making drugs to give out to people, ESI wouldn’t exist as a company.

That is what I love about blogging. When I started writing this post, it obviously was not going to be a big bashing on the pharmaceutical industry, but ended up that way. I’m actually glad it did.

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