Do What You Like To Do

I personally like riding scooters. I always have, and will likely always will. Doing what you like to do takes sacrifice. As you can plainly see, there is snow on the ground here locally.


My new scoot is a 2012 Honda Silverwing maxi scooter. It’s 600cc, and just shy of ~600 lbs. It’s a smooth cruising machine. Does 0-60 in about ~4 second.

While you may think that riding a scoot when the weather is in the mid-30’s, to lower 40’s, a crazy thing to even try, the streets are clear (for the most part). They are dry (pretty much). And it’s all about doing what you like to do.

As you get older, you don’t have many opportunities left in life to do what you want to do. Every day you say to yourself “I’ll do that when….. and when this is…. and I have that….. in place….” I’ll tell you when you’ll do that.

Never. That’s right, you’ll never find the right time to do what you like when you want. Do what you like today.

This (obviously) applies to more than just riding scooters. If it’s something you like to do, or would rather be doing, then go do it. If your current gig, startup or otherwise, no longer makes you want to get out of bed, do something else.

As far as me goes. Riding my scoot today for a quick spin was great. There is not a blizzard going on. The roads are fine, and as long as you dress properly in layers, there was no reason why I shouldn’t have taken my scooter out for a ride.

Even if that ride lead me to places where the sidewalks are not cleared off. The streets at least are smooth riding.


This picture was a stop I had to make during my quick ride, ie: not my place! My sidewalks look super clean and some might say sparkly (not really, but thought the sparkly part was just fun to add).

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