Whole Foods Shopping – argo tea, GT’s Kombucha

I was in Whole Foods earlier this morning to pick up a supply of kombucha. I looked down into my cart, and this is what was looking back up at me.


Not only did I pick up a few days supply of kombucha, but I also picked up a few delicious and delightful argo teas. Now please don’t get argo tea confused with that Academy Award winning best picture Argo (the one with Ben Affleck starring in it), this is some good tea!!

While the movie was predictable and lacked suspense (come on now, you know it did, it was based on a true story, duh, they escaped!), the argo tea is NOT predictable. The argo tea brand is full of vibrant flavor choices.

They go great with one of my signature kidney bean and artichoke salads as shown here. I didn’t just take a picture of argo tea along with my kombucha in my shopping cart this morning, I actually drink this!


Maybe next time I go to Whole Foods Market, I’ll actually have food in my shopping basket!  More interesting is the fact that it was like ~27 degrees and I was running errands on my scooter (2012 Honda Silverwing). Just like yesterday, only the sun and warmer temperatures have started to melt most of the snow. Good riddance! :-)

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