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We talked a little bit about the ViralRank Dashboard a couple of weeks back. Since that time we have added a few more features and we are ready for people to start using it a bit.

It’s by no means a perfect product, but we’d love to get some feedback on what has been developed so far. Right now it’s a tool that we envision bloggers, marketers, ad buyers, and other people wanting to find out more about a particular story or link would benefit using.

For example, there were a couple of stories about the 1972 Miami Dolphins visit to the White House. We did a compare of the two articles to figure out which one we’d want to feature on our Featured Headlines area.




The above article from The Palm Beach Post was linked in the below Pro Football Talk version.




As you can see, the original version had a higher ViralRank score, and it actually appeared to be a more in-depth article too.

Most people are tickled pink with charts and graphics, we have that too. Even though the most important part is the data, which you can download in CSV format for offline data analysis and additional number crunching, pictures make up most of the modern wild wacky internet thing we all enjoy.


Oooo… Ahhh… so many pretty colors. Well of course there are. We currently are showing more social channels that have open API streams that let us show you scores. The ViralRank scoring is still done under our own formula, but it’s nice to include the different social channels as if it’s a high ranking article, it will make the chart prettier.

Now with that being said, we are hoping people will find our ViralRank Dashboard useful, as not all social networks drive traffic to your particular interest vertical. Whether you are an entertainment site, sports site, news site, funny site, etc… you should figure out what is really driving your traffic. Just because you are social media user, doesn’t mean you are using the correct social media channel to drive traffic to your particular target user segment.

The last item we added was an all in one full report showing the different social channels affecting the scoring, the suggested keywords from the article, as well as twitter data showing the latest tweets of the article. All this and of course you can look at the pretty colors and when you are done, still grab that boring csv spreadsheet to do your own data analysis and comparison.

Head on over, register, login and start using the ViralRank Dashboard.  This is the core technology that of course, we field tested for you on how we rank stories on our main product SwarmSports.


We’d love to hear from you once you start using it. Just drop us a line to our main support email address support(at)swarmsports(dot)com or use the form, it works too.

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