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Past Writers

Mae Oakmont – She moved to California where she seems to be much happier these days. No longer doing any blogging, she into many other cool life changing experiences.Update: Mae has moved back from California at the end of 2009 and resides currently back in St. Louis, MO. She moved to Connecticut in the past few years, and then suddenly she is back in Northern California, have tried to connect again, but she seems to be on a deep spiritual journey at this time (July 2014)
mr-business-golf1Scot Duke – Better known as Mr. Business Golf in most circles is still doing what he does best. If it wasn’t for him encouraging me to get off my ‘duff’ and be the best Rex “Duff” Dixon I could be, there may have been just another drunk passed out in an alley.So what is he up too? As of July 2014, he is mainly into Google Plus, doing a video studio business, and many other things.
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