The Gazania Close to Bartley MRT Station and NEX Shopping Centre

As someone probably on the lookout for a place of residence, making a decision on the multiple settlement options available can be quite tasking and frustrating at the same time; because of the factors that should be highly considered before making that big move of changing your place of residence; hence, making the transitioning process difficult.

Requirements for Place of Settlement at The Gazania

These requirements and common needs of those searching for a temporary or permanent place of settlement have been greatly consider by us, which led us to considering a whole lot of things in the course of structuring and positioning of our landed properties. The Gazania SingHaiYi Group Bartley MRT Station is a viable settlement option, discussed below are few reasons why.

Proximity to Classy Schools for The Gazania Bartley MRT Station

We understand that there are possibilities of our clients having kids, Thus, the availability and proximity of the place of settlement to standard schools is a huge plus. It saves the kids and the parents the stress of travel time, cost and energy that would have been required had it been the schools are located in distant locations. Asides that, the schools in particular are schools with stellar reputation, schools like: Maris Stella Schools, Cedar Primary School, St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Bartley Secondary School and Sarada Kindergarten.

• Proximity to Country Clubs

You may ask why this is important but it really is; because day-by-day we are getting to understand the difference networking can make in an individual’s career. And what better way to do that if not going out to places where you’ll be seen by the right people. Since our settlement is a place filled with affluent individuals, you are guaranteed of that privilege; it now depends on how you use it to your advantage. The Gazania is a freehold development by SingHaiYi Group at Bartley MRT Station How Sun Drive

Located near to Nex Shopping Centre

Our landed property is located at the center, with basic infrastructures surrounding it to make living easy. For instance, Nex Shopping mall is one place –located close to Gazania – that serves the purpose of satisfying your shopping needs and also as a getaway to cool off steam.

• A Variety Of Floor Plan

There is a wide range of settlement options to pick from that is considerate of your needs and your financial budget. Getting a hold of our floor plans will give you a better understanding.

Are you in Singapore and on the lookout for a standard place of residence? Why not look in this direction. We’ve got you covered.