Bugis Best Place to Stay in Singapore Near to Midtown Suites

Are you in Singapore and wondering where you’ll stay at the city center with a limited budget? You are in the right place. Bugis is your dream place to spend your time in Singapore without blowing your budget. Staying in Bugis is much advantage. The district offers you cheap hotels, all types of foods both local and international cuisine among other goodies. Midtown Suites Bugis by Guocoland is located right in the heart Bugis Shopping District.

Here are the reasons why Bugis is the best place to stay in Singapore

• It’s Home to Singapore’s Dynamic Cultural
Staying in Bugis will give you the opportunity to enjoy various cultural in Singapore. Chinatown, Little India as well as Arab Street make bugis center of Singapore diversity.
The location is unique and you’ll pick art crafts at Chinatown shops as well as enjoy delicious and spicy curries in little India. At the same time, you will be at a place to smoke high-quality shisha as well as Turkish Cay Cup at Arab Quarters.

• Shopping Centers
You’ll enjoy shopping all the time at Bugis street in Singapore. It’s the favorite market in Singapore due to its budget-friendly items. It’s the shoppers paradise. Stay in Bugis and you’ll be the happiest ever in Singapore. Bugis Street Near to Midtown Suites which is a integrated development will be surrounded by many amenities that is close to the heart of Bugis.

• Cheap Hotels
If you want cheap hostels in Singapore, don’t waste your time. Go straight to Bugis. In Bugis, you’ll get spoiled by cheap hotels offering world-class services.

Midtown Suites is Close to Bugis by Guocoland

Hotels in Bugis are budget-friendly and you’ll not have to break your bank account in order to stay there.

• It’s Minutes Away From Changi Airport Via Train
Many have complained due to lack of good connectivity from some part of Singapore to Changi Airport. However, staying in Bugis give you a step further compared to the rest part of Singapore.

Using train, you use less than thirty minutes to Changi Airport thus avoiding the highly charged taxes.

Amenities Around Bugis Town

• A haven for Local and International foods
If you like tasting various foods during your adventure, Bugis is the ideal place in Singapore.
The place will spoil you with both international and local foods in centers such as Little India, Chinatown as well as Arab Street.

• Few Minute Drive From Orchard Road Shopping Center
Your visit to Singapore will never be complete without visiting Orchard Road. The place has famous shopping centers found in Singapore with affordable prices.

You’ll be in a position to save a lot of your money even after filling you bags with shopping.

Staying in Bugis is the best decision you can make when you tour Singapore. It’s a place offering a diversity of cultures, affordable hotels, all types of foods among others. Visit the place and you’ll thank me later.