Petit Jervois New Development at Jevois Road Singapore

Peace and tranquility- two words that are loosely used sometimes. Nevertheless, at Petit Jervois, its a commitment. Seated in the middle of the Jervois Road in Singapore, this is a much wanted and sought after area for a good family home. Petit Jervois SC Global has made it their prerogative in the years that they have developed areas around the road to bring to the people the best. If you are looking to buy happiness, this is one developmental area that you should have your eyes on.

Petit Jervois SC Global Facilities

Petit Jervois will have all the unique facilities that one can imagine. Complete with a guardhouse, clubhouse for your parties and hangouts, function rooms – for all those solemn and memorable occasions, an indoor gym, a decently sized swimming pool, sun deck, barbecue pits and a massive children’s playground.

If you step into this developmental site at Petit Jervois SC Global, you will have a condominium with all kinds of facilities pertaining to both adults and children. Since it is so centrally located, getting anywhere in the city is not very difficult. It is cradled between the Redhill MRT Station and the Great World City MRT station. It is also housed in just minutes away from the Orchard area and the Central Business District Area. The upcoming project of Petit Jervois and SC Global is housed for all your needs – business and pleasure. So if its serene and calm that you are looking it, look no further and walk into Petit Jervois.

Petit Jervois Former Jervois Garden Enbloc

Petit Jervois and SC Global have made very nice and good living areas before, which have been widely popular. The former Jervois Garden Enbloc was also situated in an area close to markets and districts with business activities. This was in the River Valley Area. The Petit Jervois Freehold Condo is also another property with great accessibility. It is closely places near the Singapore Botanical Garden and Fort Canning Park, where one can indulge in many outdoor activities. This also shows how well they place their condominiums, so that families can get together and spend some quality time.

Petit Jervois SC Global Development Surroundings and Accessibility

All the projects taken up by Petit Jervois and SC Global development have been made keeping in mid the work as well as leisure time spent in the vicinity. Great accessibility shows their commitment towards people living in their areas. If one wants to get a bus, the bus stops are minutes away from the living areas making them ideal family homes.

This housing and developmental project will offer you great locations, lovely surroundings, good living conditions promoting family time and an overall experience of a tranquil and full life. If living a full life is right up on your priority list its time to look at Petit Jervois. This is what the SC Global Development firm ascertains when you step into any of their projects.

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