Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings Location Near to Amenities

Fyve Derbyshire, which is part of the Roxy Pacific Holdings, is a freehold condominium in the central part of Singapore. The condominium has 1 to 3-bedroom size luxury units and penthouses. It has exclusive facilities and the best of fittings. With a packed iconic modern front, a premium living experience is guaranteed. Roxy-Pacific is a well-known brand name for small to medium size property/residential development like condominiums and apartments aimed at middle to upper middle-income groups.

Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings District 11

Fyve Derbyshire is located at 5 Derbyshire Road, next to the prime Orchard, within the prestigious District 11 in central Singapore. This is situated in the upmarket Novena neighborhood and is just about 5-minute walk from Novena MRT station and Novena shopping hub.

Fyve Derbyshire Amenities and Shopping Centres

Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings location is quite accessible to commercial buildings such as malls and shopping centers. Therefore, the residents need not necessarily shop elsewhere. Residents can visit the nearby Goldhill Shopping Center, Novena Square, United Square, Square 2, or the Orchard Road shopping belt nearby, for a great shopping and dining experience. Additionally, there are food centers such as Newton Food Centre, Pek Kio Market, and Food Court Centre, Whampoa Makan Place & Market, among others.

Fyve Derbyshire offers five-star facilities in its plans such as bubble pool, 25m Lap pool, aqua gym, pool deck, BBQ pavilion, pool cabana, herb lounge, shower points, outdoor gym, and accessible toilets, yoga deck, bicycle racks, side gate and guardhouse, arrival lounge, and wellness garden.

Fyve Derbyshire Close to Medical Centres

It is close to the Novena MEGA health city and medical center and availability of several top doctors, make this accessible to good medical options, as required. It is near train stations like the Novena Station.

Fyve Derbyshire freehold condo is located close to several schools and educational institutes. Therefore, families with school going children would find it very convenient. Schools located near 5 Derbyshire Residences are – Thomson Road Baptist Kindergarten, Derbyshire Kindergarten, Farrer Park Primary School, Saint Joseph’s Institution Junior, Anglo-Chinese School, Hong Wen School, Italian Supplementary School, Curtin Singapore, Insworld Institute, Swedish Supplementary School and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

The condominium has one block containing 19 stories and a total of 71 units. The total site area is approximately 18,674 square feet or 1,734.9 square meters. It has 71 car parking lots and has an additional handicap parking facility for two.

Bugis Best Place to Stay in Singapore Near to Midtown Suites

Are you in Singapore and wondering where you’ll stay at the city center with a limited budget? You are in the right place. Bugis is your dream place to spend your time in Singapore without blowing your budget. Staying in Bugis is much advantage. The district offers you cheap hotels, all types of foods both local and international cuisine among other goodies. Midtown Suites Bugis by Guocoland is located right in the heart Bugis Shopping District.

Here are the reasons why Bugis is the best place to stay in Singapore

• It’s Home to Singapore’s Dynamic Cultural
Staying in Bugis will give you the opportunity to enjoy various cultural in Singapore. Chinatown, Little India as well as Arab Street make bugis center of Singapore diversity.
The location is unique and you’ll pick art crafts at Chinatown shops as well as enjoy delicious and spicy curries in little India. At the same time, you will be at a place to smoke high-quality shisha as well as Turkish Cay Cup at Arab Quarters.

• Shopping Centers
You’ll enjoy shopping all the time at Bugis street in Singapore. It’s the favorite market in Singapore due to its budget-friendly items. It’s the shoppers paradise. Stay in Bugis and you’ll be the happiest ever in Singapore. Bugis Street Near to Midtown Suites which is a integrated development will be surrounded by many amenities that is close to the heart of Bugis.

• Cheap Hotels
If you want cheap hostels in Singapore, don’t waste your time. Go straight to Bugis. In Bugis, you’ll get spoiled by cheap hotels offering world-class services.

Midtown Suites is Close to Bugis by Guocoland

Hotels in Bugis are budget-friendly and you’ll not have to break your bank account in order to stay there.

• It’s Minutes Away From Changi Airport Via Train
Many have complained due to lack of good connectivity from some part of Singapore to Changi Airport. However, staying in Bugis give you a step further compared to the rest part of Singapore.

Using train, you use less than thirty minutes to Changi Airport thus avoiding the highly charged taxes.

Amenities Around Bugis Town

• A haven for Local and International foods
If you like tasting various foods during your adventure, Bugis is the ideal place in Singapore.
The place will spoil you with both international and local foods in centers such as Little India, Chinatown as well as Arab Street.

• Few Minute Drive From Orchard Road Shopping Center
Your visit to Singapore will never be complete without visiting Orchard Road. The place has famous shopping centers found in Singapore with affordable prices.

You’ll be in a position to save a lot of your money even after filling you bags with shopping.

Staying in Bugis is the best decision you can make when you tour Singapore. It’s a place offering a diversity of cultures, affordable hotels, all types of foods among others. Visit the place and you’ll thank me later.

The Gazania Close to Bartley MRT Station and NEX Shopping Centre

As someone probably on the lookout for a place of residence, making a decision on the multiple settlement options available can be quite tasking and frustrating at the same time; because of the factors that should be highly considered before making that big move of changing your place of residence; hence, making the transitioning process difficult.

Requirements for Place of Settlement at The Gazania

These requirements and common needs of those searching for a temporary or permanent place of settlement have been greatly consider by us, which led us to considering a whole lot of things in the course of structuring and positioning of our landed properties. The Gazania SingHaiYi Group Bartley MRT Station is a viable settlement option, discussed below are few reasons why.

Proximity to Classy Schools for The Gazania Bartley MRT Station

We understand that there are possibilities of our clients having kids, Thus, the availability and proximity of the place of settlement to standard schools is a huge plus. It saves the kids and the parents the stress of travel time, cost and energy that would have been required had it been the schools are located in distant locations. Asides that, the schools in particular are schools with stellar reputation, schools like: Maris Stella Schools, Cedar Primary School, St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Bartley Secondary School and Sarada Kindergarten.

• Proximity to Country Clubs

You may ask why this is important but it really is; because day-by-day we are getting to understand the difference networking can make in an individual’s career. And what better way to do that if not going out to places where you’ll be seen by the right people. Since our settlement is a place filled with affluent individuals, you are guaranteed of that privilege; it now depends on how you use it to your advantage. The Gazania is a freehold development by SingHaiYi Group at Bartley MRT Station How Sun Drive

Located near to Nex Shopping Centre

Our landed property is located at the center, with basic infrastructures surrounding it to make living easy. For instance, Nex Shopping mall is one place –located close to Gazania – that serves the purpose of satisfying your shopping needs and also as a getaway to cool off steam.

• A Variety Of Floor Plan

There is a wide range of settlement options to pick from that is considerate of your needs and your financial budget. Getting a hold of our floor plans will give you a better understanding.

Are you in Singapore and on the lookout for a standard place of residence? Why not look in this direction. We’ve got you covered.

Petit Jervois New Development at Jevois Road Singapore

Peace and tranquility- two words that are loosely used sometimes. Nevertheless, at Petit Jervois, its a commitment. Seated in the middle of the Jervois Road in Singapore, this is a much wanted and sought after area for a good family home. Petit Jervois SC Global has made it their prerogative in the years that they have developed areas around the road to bring to the people the best. If you are looking to buy happiness, this is one developmental area that you should have your eyes on.

Petit Jervois SC Global Facilities

Petit Jervois will have all the unique facilities that one can imagine. Complete with a guardhouse, clubhouse for your parties and hangouts, function rooms – for all those solemn and memorable occasions, an indoor gym, a decently sized swimming pool, sun deck, barbecue pits and a massive children’s playground.

If you step into this developmental site at Petit Jervois SC Global, you will have a condominium with all kinds of facilities pertaining to both adults and children. Since it is so centrally located, getting anywhere in the city is not very difficult. It is cradled between the Redhill MRT Station and the Great World City MRT station. It is also housed in just minutes away from the Orchard area and the Central Business District Area. The upcoming project of Petit Jervois and SC Global is housed for all your needs – business and pleasure. So if its serene and calm that you are looking it, look no further and walk into Petit Jervois.

Petit Jervois Former Jervois Garden Enbloc

Petit Jervois and SC Global have made very nice and good living areas before, which have been widely popular. The former Jervois Garden Enbloc was also situated in an area close to markets and districts with business activities. This was in the River Valley Area. The Petit Jervois Freehold Condo is also another property with great accessibility. It is closely places near the Singapore Botanical Garden and Fort Canning Park, where one can indulge in many outdoor activities. This also shows how well they place their condominiums, so that families can get together and spend some quality time.

Petit Jervois SC Global Development Surroundings and Accessibility

All the projects taken up by Petit Jervois and SC Global development have been made keeping in mid the work as well as leisure time spent in the vicinity. Great accessibility shows their commitment towards people living in their areas. If one wants to get a bus, the bus stops are minutes away from the living areas making them ideal family homes.

This housing and developmental project will offer you great locations, lovely surroundings, good living conditions promoting family time and an overall experience of a tranquil and full life. If living a full life is right up on your priority list its time to look at Petit Jervois. This is what the SC Global Development firm ascertains when you step into any of their projects.

Allgreen Properties Real Estate Properties in Singapore

Allgreen Properties has made itself a name in Singapore’s real estate business. It entered the real estate market in the 1980’s. In May 1999 Allgreen Properties Real Estate was listed in the stock exchange. Its exemplary work in the real estate sector has made it popular over the years. It is also among Singapore’s most prominent real estate companies. It has 35 subsidiaries and is associated with 13 companies. Allgreen Properties has developed a wide range of properties including residential spaces, offices and commercial spaces among others. It buys land from both individuals and groups and collaborates with the government by taking part in the land tender and has always followed the set rules.

Allgreen Properties Giant in Real Estate in Singapore

Despite being a giant in the real estate business, Allgreen Properties has not hesitated to join forces with other developers in the construction of projects. It has had joint ventures with Shanghai, Tangshan, and Tianjin among others. Its extensive portfolio of properties caters for a large pool of buyers. Allgreen Properties is keen to ensure it gives their customers the best services. Through its subsidiary Leo Property Management, Allgreen Properties is involved in the supervision of projects.

Allgreen Properties Developments in Singapore

It has worked on some of the most astonishing developments in Singapore. Allgreen Properties developed the Great World city which has 18 storeys. It has three basements, two office towers, and a three-story shopping mall. The complex also consists of 304 apartments that are complete and have been fully equipped. The rooms and offices have had high rates of occupancy which has led to the realization of high profits. The strategic location and the excellent facilities have also been a contributing factor to the high occupancy levels. The Great World City is located close to the Central Business District. The Great World City is one of the largest complexes in Singapore.

Allgreen Properties Tanglin Place

Allgreen Properties also developed the Tanglin place and mall which was a joint venture with Cascaden properties limited. The mall is a shopping complex that has three storeys. It has four basements and is located in prime district 10. Tanglin place is a four storey on approximately 34000 square feet. They are situated on Orchard Road which is a strategic location. The property is a source of income to Allgreen Properties. Allgreen Properties has also worked on other admirable projects such as Regency Park, Holland Residences, and Eastwood Ville among others. Recently it bought Fourth Avenue and Ewe Boon Road. It is set to develop Fourth Avenue and yield approximately 455 residential units.

The Verandah Residences Haw Par Villa MRT Station Oxley Holdings

Singapore; One of the richest countries in the world has always provided it’s residents, the local communities, tourists and people from all walks of life a great living experience. One of these is known to be the luxurious lifestyle that people can get just like anywhere else in the world and even beyond & better. Finding great accommodation in Singapore can be a bit tricky. If you have a family, this can become even more difficult. But there are some organizations that strive to provide its patrons the best of collective life amenities that they can offer. This is what we have for you here. Let us take the immense pleasure of introducing you to The Verandah Residences by Oxley Holdings.

Verandah Residences Oxley Holdings Freehold Condo

Oxley Holdings have been known to be one of the prime real estate developers in Singapore with great achievements to their credit. Now they are proud to bring The Verandah Residences to their patrons. If you are looking for a family life style in a condominium, “The Verandah Residences” is your answer. The entire land was bought in by Oxley Holdings for an amount of $121 million. Now they are moving forward with the development of their latest condominium project. This freehold development is located at the prime position of 213 Pasir Panjabg Road, next to Harbour View Gardens, and opposite the Pasir Panjang Building and Pasir Panjang Wharves Building.

The Verandah Residences 231 Pasir Panjang Road

What’s inside? The initial plan for Verandah Residences Haw Par Villa MRT Station is to develop 150 units at the 125,468 sqft site. But if the development is successful and it is feasible to further development, there are future plans to expand the site to include 30 more units. Of course this will all be subject to the local authorities’ approval. The housings are made up of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units. The majority of these are either West Coat Facing or Pasir Panjang Road facing. So you will definitely get a good view wherever you are located in the building. The units which are located above the 6th floor get an even better view of the entire surrounding area’s beauty. The entire site is basically developed with elegance, sophistication, natural light & brightness, fresh air and complete green air in mind.

Verandah Residences Haw Par Villa MRT Station

Oxley Holdings The Verandah Residences are proud to develop sites which are primarily located within the heart of the city in order to give the residents access to everything that is required of a good lifestyle with utmost ease. Nearby developments include Kent Ridge Park for your outdoor family activities, the bustling Vivo City, West Coast Plaza, The Star Vista, and the National University of Singapore. If you worry about your children’s education, don’t. The location is near to further 4 education institutes.

The development also consists of various facilities such as a swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, children’s playground, a barbecue area and more. The developers want to provide a fully luxurious lifestyle to their patrons. The development is also located near 2 bus stations, the Haw Par Villa and Pasir Panjang MRT Stations, to make your travel easy. Furthermore, there are a lot of eateries, parks, malls and other facilities available in the nearby areas as well. If you are looking to move your family to a quality lifestyle that you would admire and be proud of, this is the best that Singapore has to offer. So hurry up and contact before someone else does.

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